Tips to remember when trying to re-enter the workforce

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Tips to remember when trying to re-enter the workforce

Re-entering the workforce after a period of absence can be much harder than it first seems and a little scary at times. No matter what circumstances lead you to leave in the first place, there are some useful tips below which may help you get ready for re-entry.

Tip 1: Consider your current circumstances, what you want and what will work for you.
Starting a new job or new venture should be an exciting time, but it also has to be something that will suit your current needs. There is no point causing yourself added stress by taking on a role that you are not suited to and doesn’t suit your needs. But remember it is important to balance this be remaining flexible, being rigid can limit your opportunities.

Tip 2: Use your networks
You are surrounded by people; why not make use of their skills and networks to help you. Most friends would be happy to try and help you if they think they can – it can sometimes just be as matter of asking them to help. It is an age old saying “it is not what you know, it is who you know”, make your networks work for you. You never know what opportunities may present as a result.

Tip 3: Recognise your skills
Recognise the skills you have developed both before you left the workforce and while you have been out of it. I know many mothers that would comment that since starting a family they have developed organisational skills they never knew they had and I am sure this is true for many individuals who have been out of the work force. You may be more resilient now, you may be better at prioritising or you may be better at communicating. Recognise these skills as exactly what they are – skills and use them in your sales pitch!

Tip 4: Keep up to date
No matter what industry you work in or used to work in, it is important that you keep current. Spend time getting back up to date with the trends in the industry, this is always valued by employers and may just give you the edge over someone else competing for the same role.

Tip 5: Upgrade your skills
Don’t be afraid to undertake training. Whether it is to update an existing skill or learning a new skill, training and a willingness to train is always valued. If you are re-enter the workforce a simple business or management course can assist you to demonstrate that you are very keen to enhance your skills and may help you get that new job. Employers respect that you are willing to undertake training of your own accord and may really help you get that fresh start. There are many courses around that are subsidised and so keep an eye out for opportunities that will help you.

Tip 6: Be confident in your approach
If you don’t believe in what you are selling (which in this case is YOU) the customer won’t believe in it either. This doesn’t mean ooze with over confidence, but you need to be confident in your own ability, keep an open mind and don’t sell yourself short. It is important to know what you are capable of doing as well as be aware of your limitations. Remember only you can sell what you are selling – harness your abilities and don’t be afraid to speak about what you are capable of. Too many of us lack confidence in our own abilities, but remember not to sell yourself short.

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