So why study with us?

There are so many reasons to choose to study with us at the National College of Vocational Education. 

  • 20 years experience in vocational training
  • Easy to afford payment options
  • Ability to learn and study at your own pace and in your own way – with materials available in hard copy or online – so you can study any time, any place.
  • Business Tutors with experience in all aspects of business from marketing to operations and finance.
  • Trainers with real world experience within the areas they train.
  • Innovative course materials that focus on what you need to know in business, not just the requirements of the course.
  • The most up-to-date courses.


Study Now, Pay Later

Why pay up front for your course?

Don’t let course fees hold back your business or career progress.

National College of Vocational Education provides a number of payment plans to fit in with your business or personal finances. We offer up front payments, or weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment plans, at rates that are reasonable and easy for anyone to afford. Payment on a plan is made through regular automatic payments.


Learn in Your Own Time

Want to learn, but not sure how it fits in with your schedule?

Our courses are all self paced, with innovative materials that allow students to learn in a way that fits with lifestyle and work arrangements. Start when you are ready and work when you can.


Personal Tutor

Once you are enrolled in any of our courses, you are paired with a personal tutor who guides you through the learning process. Tutors work with students one on one and are available throughout the duration of your course.

Our tutors are selected for their experience and qualifications in all aspects of business, training and mentoring. National College of Vocational Education provides individual access to tutors during the entire duration of your study with us.


Online Materials

National College of Vocational Education encourages students to study according to their own preferences.

Course materials and assessments tasks are available online to allow students to study where and when they have the time – wherever and whenever that may be.

Our online materials are accessible through standard web browsers and standard technology platforms are available at any time.


Career Advancement

If you are working for a company, and living on a salary, as an employee you may have limited options.

Your income may be limited by a salary structure; the evaluation of your performance by your superiors; or little chance of advancement in the company.

If the company does not align with your career ideas and goals, or you want to change your career, the National College of Vocational Education offers a variety of courses to assist you to further develop in your chosen career. Check out our courses page for more information.


Business Startups

People get into a small business because they have an idea usually revolving around something they are interested in or good at.

You may have an idea for a product or service that meets a need in the marketplace. Starting your own business allows you to make a living while expressing your passion and creativity. Challenge yourself to build something lasting that shapes your future and the future of your family.  There is a sense of pride in your job when your business succeeds, it reflects directly on you.

If you have the skills in an industry that is in demand, starting your own business can give you job security.  By taking control of business and the decision-making capability you can stay current and competitive to evolve by moving and changing with the times.

When you start your own business, you have the opportunity to earn an unlimited income based on your own efforts and the success of the business, leading to true financial independence.


Learn from Entrepeneurs

Information technology is shrinking our world and expanding our business reach, enabling business to trade globally.  Becoming an entrepreneur in this technological driven world has never been easier.

  1. Control your own destiny: Owning your own business puts you in control of your own destiny.  Business training teaches you how to ensure your success.
  2. Choose the people you work with: Owning your own business gives you the choice to work alone or work with people you want to work with.  You can surround yourself with positive people who care about you and your business.
  3. Work/life balance: One of the benefits of owning your own business is the flexibility that comes with it, finding your own work/life balance, working from wherever you want, setting your own hours, scheduling and prioritising that include family and friends.

Study with us