Branding: Do I really need a brand strategy?

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Branding: Do I really need a brand strategy?

Simply put – YES. Having a clear brand identity is critically important for businesses of any size or shape.

It shows the marketplace who you are and what you do and differentiates you from your competitors.  Your brand should speak for your business and should lead consumers to view the business as you want them to view you. Perception is everything. Branding is not just your logo, business name, and slogan… these are part of it but it is the whole business package; it is your products/services, your customer relations, your location, your staff and you.

Branding is an effective way to communicate with your consumers – it can convey the businesses personality and help you to distribute your method. Having a clear marketing strategy is key to successful business. The best way to sell effectively is to know what you are selling – having a defined brand and a clear marketing strategy will help you to sell your product or service effectively and help you to ensure your marketing and brand distribution is effective and efficient.

So how can you brand your small business? Below are some simple considerations which will get you on the way to establishing your brand.

  1. Define your overall brand.
    Ask yourself:  What is our business mission? What are the benefits and features of our businesses products and services? What do customers want from our products and services? How do our customers perceive our business? What personality and qualities do we want our customers to visualise and associate with our business?  Use these questions to define the personality you want your business to have and establish your mission.
  2. Design a Strong Logo which embodies your business personality.  
    Design a logo which embodies your brand and put it on everything. Let this be the first thing people see when they look for your business and products.
  3. Ensure your staff are aware of your brand and message and set expectations. 
    Make sure all staff are aware of the brand and are using the same pitch. Make your staff mindful of the message you want to convey and the personality and qualities you are using to shape your brand. They need to spread this message in their communications.
  4. Use your brand in every facet of your business.
    Use your brand on documents, in how you present your business, clothing styles of staff, when answering the phones, social media marketing, website and emails. Everything you and your business do should support the brand and the message you want to convey. Set up templates using your brand so that there is a consistent message being sent out.  Make sure you have clear guidelines on the use of the brand for staff so that the message is clear and the same every time.
  5. Back up your brand. 
    Make sure you always back up your brand. If you say you are the best at something, make sure you are the best. Live up to the expectations you have set for your business.


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