National College of Vocational Education has over 20 years experience in Training.

The National College of Vocational Education have been trainers in small business management delivering, to a high standard, the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme for the past seventeen years.  Through the provision of quality training programs, and our understanding of the unique business characteristics of our regions, we have achieved excellent outcomes with our participants starting in excess of 5000 new businesses.

The key personnel in our company have had extensive experience, owning and managing a wide range of small businesses, especially in the key areas of tourism, hospitality, retail, maintenance and manufacturing.  Their business achievements have seen them receive awards in tourism, be invited to speak at tourism seminars, business breakfasts and Chambers of Commerce.  Our Managing Director has been invited to address the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) on Small Business Management.

We advise and assist participants to achieve their targets thus realising business success. Our trainers, who are both experienced and qualified, have many years experience in both business and adult education.

Over time National College of Vocational Education has continued to expand its courses and adding retail, hospitality, leadership and management and aged care to our scope of training. These courses align with the skills of our talented staff and also meet the skill needs of the locations we train in nationally.

We work with both Federal and State Government departments to provide subsidised training to students. Check out our subsidised training page for more information. 

Training & Mentoring Process

The mentoring process is most important for the business to be successful. Our business’s long experience in consulting, along with its strong business connections, enables us to draw on extensive and varied skills for the mentoring of NEIS clients. Where expertise is not available internally it is often outsourced to gain the best results for our clients.

A variety of training methods are used to meet the individual learning needs of the client with assistance given where necessary to those clients who experience learning difficulties. Throughout the training process the client is provided with ongoing support as they complete their business plan with individual business plan interviews occurring as client’s progress through the NEIS curriculum.  A free call number is supplied to all participants so that they can access phone support when required.

A philosophy of excellence

Our business has a strong philosophy of excellence.  The business constantly reviews all management and training systems with a view to improving performance.  Much capital expenditure has occurred in the development of information systems and our training programs.  We endeavour to provide good service at all stages to our business students.

Our well trained personnel are empathetic to our client’s needs and have an emphasis on excellence in customer service.

If you want your business to have the best chance of success call your local National College of Vocational Education representative on 1800 180 881.